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Friday, June 09, 2006

Google catalyst to democracy?

Google´s co-founder Sergey Brin (left side in the photo - the other is Mr. Larry Page,) said this week that the Internet company's self-censorship approach in China should be revised. [IHT]

Google is a model of tecnocracy and progress (at least for me:). I very much appreciate these clever Google-people getting quoted and celebrated form the International Herald Tribune, Political and Financial Institutions besides other "respectable" persons..
I think, THEY really deserve what they achieved.They were and are CREATORS, they really add something to mankind. They definitvely gained a place in history of progress.

Nevertheless, why is Google getting so much criticism? (or Cina-Google:) is "self-censored", that means that if you write combination of words like "
Tiananmen massacre," for example, it shows 826,000 results on, compared with 441 hits on

The problem of politically correct behavior in Cina being a multinational company is quite complex and before getting upset against Google you have to consider other factors:

1) is available in Cina parallel to
Brin said that only 1 percent of Chinese surfers use the censored site. But the .com site is frequently slow and intermittently inaccessible inside China. Interesting would be a comment from Cina..
3) Google is a big notorious company ok, but still remains a company and not an institution.
Google has the holy rights to decide what is the better strategy for him with regard to the law..Why we should make Google guilty if such laws vary from country to country?

Now Brin&Co. press toward democracy..That´s the point! That is to be appreciated!!!
They could not do it at the begin..for me it's easy to is like entering the home someone you don´t know..first of all respect him and his law..

I think China's hard pathway to real democracy is taking some time (as well as from politocracy to tecnocracy all around the world...:) but it is historically unavoidable..and Google could act as a catalyst..

great Google-Guys!!

PS: comment from Cina or Cinese peaple are welcome..

See you..B.

[Source : International Herald Tribune]
[Picture: Google]

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