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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Global Warming (part I)

[Picture source: NOOA]

The major german journal, "Süddeutsche Zeitung"
reported yesterday about Global Warming in his first page after recent alarm addressed from IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), Fedre (European Foundation for the Development of the Regions) and WMO (World Meteorological Organization).

Most scientists around the world predict the Earth will warm by 1.4 - 5.8C by 2100.

Here a nice multimedia resource from BBC to explain such phenomenon: BBC-Guide to climate change

Most scientists blame human activities to increase the amounts of certain gases responsible for "green effect" and then Global Warming.
But some of them, the most from USA, like Prof. R. Lindzen (MIT-Boston) disagree.
This debate is so hot and huge that I prefer to post some links about it. I will read them carefully in these days and report on them in part 2. (alarming) (alarming) (sceptic) (neutral) (pro GW) (sceptic) (list of pubs of Prof. Linzen)

“Global warming could offer the answer to the water scarcity problem that the Worldwatch Institute has been seeking.” David Ridenour, National Policy Analysis #165

“Katrina ‘s real real name is Global Warming." Ross Gelbspan , Boston Globe Tuesday


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Site espetacular!!!

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Dear Wilhelm from Baskerville..I had a glance at your blog...the idea of coupling technology and breakthroughs with the energy issue, nowadays problably the most challenging and compelling one human kind is expected to face, it's indeed sensible and smart.....congtratulations!
Venance from Arundel;)